United States elections are unconstitutional The anti-BDS law suppresses our freedom of speech  so anyone that opposes the unlawful occupation of Palestine are censured by the media


Campaign Promises

Protecting the American people is my top priority! Donald Trump & other presidential candidates support the red flag law.


We are all innocent until proven guilty. maintaining our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is essential to the survival of our Nation.

To promote World Peace  I will stop sanctioning other countries  and demand all other nations do the same. purchasing natural resources off the rightful owners will help pave the road to peace and prosperity.

I follow and respect the Ten Commandments so I will not give any Sinner's money to murder Muslim or Christian babies with BOMBS!


AND i will protect the innocent from ABORTIONS! Any money going to Planned Parenthood would go towards education and contraceptives



PALESTINE will be recognized as a Sovereign Nation the Great Spirit created everyone equal no one has greater rights.

The book of Exodus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Exodus

 the original Jewish people came from Egypt therefore Palestine is not their Promised Land!

The First Amendment https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/first_amendment

US politicians & the Trump Administration are endangering all Americans, their violation of the First Amendment has created instability in the Middle East passing unconstitutional laws protecting Israel and their reign of terror


separation of church and state.

recognizing and or facilitating the establishment of the Jewish religion & their rule of law in a region the Jewish people and the United States have no legal ownership of and supporting their ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign is a unconstitutional War Crime!

This can not be tolerated. Israel will cease to exist & The Palestinian people  will govern their Nation.


No one is above the law!

My Attorney General will prosecute law enforcement, they will be held accountable for all past & furture crimes. the violation of any one's civil human or constitutional rights will become a capital offense.

To improve our democracy & eliminate political corruption, all campaign contributions will be outlawed. the government Itself will supply equal time for advertising to all registered candidates.

I will downsize the government, we the people will have the final say on any new laws amendments to the Constitution and how our tax dollars are spent.

career Politicians  don't care if people people drive on crumbling roads or drink from lead pipes.

if you don't vote for me they will keep giving all our tax dollars to their campaign contributors



structuring Medicaid like government housing the people would pay a certain percentage of what they can afford to pay or they may choose to be self-insured and pay nothing unless they need to

Not 4 Profit organizations

Religion and all other types of charitable organizations will be considered a business & taxed

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Sammy Garret