The United States of America needs to be refurbished,  We the People deserve to know how our tax dollars and donations are being spent.  downsizing the government taking the power away from corrupt judges & sleazy politicians and giving that power of lawmaking to the people when we VOTE  For any new laws or amendments to the constitution will protect our freedom. We also need a total separation of Medical and State the fleecing of America is plaguing all our communities corrupt law enforcement officials politicians and the medical community are robbing the taxpayers blind. All types of hospitals should be owned by the civilian sector the only type of government controlled hospitals should be for our veteran & the Department of Corrections for the criminally insane

Public executions WILL make America great again
no one should be afraid of the police!

the days of Oh I thought they had a gun are done! murdering my citizens will become a capital offense.

To promote World Peace  I would stop persecuting people  like North  Korea and open up trade agreements to promote Commerce and growth


Our freedom and safety is the most important responsibility a president has


Trump has done nothing to protect our children, I would mobilize the National Guard

We need a soldier and metal detectors in every school in America.


I am not accepting any campaign contributions from the NRA  the AR-15 is a weapon of mass destruction I will outlaw them and all other types of military grade weapons &  multi round magazines


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Garret 2020 🇺🇸

Independent Candidate


 I will legalize marijuana on a federal level, farmers who have a history of accepting Federal Farm Aid will be granted permits to grow marijuana for recreational use, making farming a more lucrative business, saving the taxpayers 25 billion a year


I will pass laws declaring religion as a business all Faith based businesses will pay income taxes eliminating the not-for-profit system & Protecting the American peoples donations from being utilized in any type of terroristic Act


I will declare martial law after the military takes over the role of law enforcement with the standing order that they can not shoot at any of my citizens unless they are being shot at first! This will savel lives & the taxpayers over 50 billion dollars a year.



I will protect your human civil & constitutional rights to the best of my ability!

As a carpenter, I took pride in my workmanship, when I become the President I will do the same!  🇺🇸



Sammy Garret